Monday, February 22, 2010

In Loving Memory

Last night a saint was called home. She was one of those people that you just couldn't help falling in love with. She radiated heaven and Jesus, in her short 90 years with us here on earth. She had a gleam in her eye like a little child, but the wisdom of a sage. Words cannot do her justice. Only by knowing her could you understand that while heaven is rejoicing the rest of us left behind are saddened. I have mysteriously been smiling rather than crying though. I keep thinking of her talks about the love she had for God and Jesus. I find myself imagining her great big beautiful smile is bigger than ever as she walks down the road of gold, seeing her loved ones welcoming her home. I know that heaven is great but I can't help think it is a little bit better today.
Dedicated to Granny Mae Wootton

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